About Us

How does it work

On Instantwin4now we have a fantastic selection of prizes that you can win instantly, with a new prize added every day. Simply choose what you’d like to win, select 3 numbers and if it matches the code generated, you will be a lucky winner. Naturally the greater the value prize, the more numbers there are to select from, so the chances are different for each prize we have. You can enter up to a set number of competitions a day (earning bonus entries for sharing competitions online). If you are successful, you will be given a standard rate number (no premium rate lines here) to call to claim your prize within 3 days of your win. Instantwin4nowit is always FREE to register and always FREE to enter our competitions. For more information read our Rules of Play.

How can you give away free prizes?

This is how it works.

When you enter a competition, you will see between 2-5 adverts (or question blocks) from brands asking different questions. These are selected, approved and monitored by Instantwin4now. Instantwin4now is good because we DON'T force you to opt-in to any these offers at all, or offer points or incentives on our competitions to make you sign up to hear about a product/service that you’re not interested in. All we ask is that you read the questions and do tick any that you are interested in as these sponsors subsidise the cost of the prizes that we give away.

Finally, we ensure that if you do opt-in to receive further information from companies, they must allow you to unsubscribe from any of the communications and will not pass your details on.

As active members of the Direct Marketing Association we are committed and dedicated to responsible use of your data.

So that is how we can afford to give away some of the fantastic prizes we have on Instantwin4now for free. There it is! Absolutely no tricks or scams. If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch. And Good Luck!

(As we are trusted partners of a growing number of national and local publications so you may see our instant win and prizedraw competitions elsewhere on the web. We look forward to seeing you!)